Photos of man stuck in a vehicle after a fatal accident in Lagos (Photos)

Over the weekend in Lagos around Ijora Costain axis of the city,  a commercial bus on full speed had a fatal accident.

 The driver reportedly lost control of the vehicle and hit a pole by the side of the road.

This caused so much damage to the front of the vehicle, and no less than three people were injured in the accident.

The most affected of the injured was a young guy who sat beside the driver. He was so unfortunate he got stuck in the wreckage of the vehicle. It took a very long time to get him out after much effort by concerned road users.

He was eventually taken off the wreckage by a team of vehicle towers that were called to the scene of the accident. An ambulance arrived, but not until the victim had been rescued and in a very critical condition.

He was later taken away in an ambulance for treatment.

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